Skype for now available in North America and United Kingdom


Outlook + Skype

Not that long ago, Microsoft announced that its email service would have built-in Skype video calling and messaging functionality. As of today, Skype for are now intertwined in the UK and North America, with more countries receiving this feature soon.

“A few months ago we announced that a preview of Skype video calling and messaging was starting to arrive in Today we are excited to give you an update: Skype for is now fully available in several countries around the globe including the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, France, Canada, and the United States,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

However, more countries will see this feature in the near future. “For those of you outside those countries, we’re still working hard to ensure this is available worldwide in the near future,” Microsoft explained.

Having the ability to make Skype video calls directly from only adds to the benefits of the service’s features, which includes social connections with Facebook and Google. Microsoft cites a statistic in which 76% of those who email frequently follow up via a phone call or video call. This makes Skype for ideal for those who wish to easily make a video call right from their inbox.

Head over to and give Skype a try. Do you find this feature to be useful?