New ‘Meeting Engagement Information’ now available on Microsoft Teams

Devesh Beri

Microsoft Teams now offers a new feature that enables users to access and review meeting engagement information, which they announced in September via Roadmap. This feature is available to users who are a part of the Microsoft Teams Public Preview and Microsoft 365 Targeted Release, as well as those who have a Teams Premium license. With this new feature, users can easily view and analyze meeting engagement information.Microsoft Teams

The purpose of the engagement information is to assist meeting organizers in measuring attendees’ interest in meeting topics and evaluating the appropriateness of the meeting format and structure.

Meeting organizers can collect and view various meeting engagement data, including total reactions, raised hands, cameras turned on, and more. This information can be accessed in the Attendance tab after a meeting or webinar.

Note:  IT Admins must enable the Attendance report for their tenant to make the engagement information available to users. If meeting attendees opt out of the Attendance Report in Teams settings, their engagement information will not be included in the report.

To use this feature, users need to meet certain requirements:

  • They must be part of the Teams Public Preview or Microsoft 365 Targeted Release.
  • Users must have a Teams Premium license.
  • This feature currently works on the Teams web client (Edge, Chrome), with support for Windows and macOS Teams clients coming soon.

This feature is available to members of Teams Public Preview and Microsoft 365 Targeted Release who meet the specified requirements.