Halo Infinite season 5: Reckoning launches today with Forge AI toolkit

Robert Collins

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Halo Infinite season 5: Reckoning kicks off on October 17 with a bevy of new additions and improvements to the game.

Among them: a new Forge AI toolkit. This will allow users to craft custom experiences using AI functions. Specifically, players can direct enemy AI navigation, spawn points, etc. All this AI control will be facilitated via a new node graph tool. As Forge Lead Designer Michael Schorr explained,

“Our North Star for the Forge AI Toolkit was wave-based PvE experiences. Firefight, Horde; things like that are what we expect players will lean into first when they create stuff, but it also has the capacity to do more linear experiences.”

Halo Infinite - Forge AI Toolkit Screenshot

Schorr also said that one of the team’s engineers was able to prototype a tower defense game using the Forge AI toolkit, showing just how much flexibility is worked in it.

Aside from this new Forge feature, season 5 will introduce some new content in the form of two new Arena multiplayer maps: Forbidden (an abandoned Forerunner structure) and the cavernous Prism. A new game mode called Extraction has two teams of four racing to arm and defend extraction points.

What else will Halo Infinite season 5: Reckoning have in store for us? We’ll find out as the season progresses. In the meantime head over to the Halo Waypoint site for a more complete breakdown of the new Forge AI toolkit and more.

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