New Lumia Moments app from Microsoft allows Lumia Denim users to covert video into Living Images

Sean Cameron


Back when Nokia had created a whole host of separate and confusing camera apps for their Lumia Windows Phones, one of the most visually arresting of the lot (at least with regards to the results it produced) was Cinemagraph. This allowed users to create what was called a ‘Living Image’, the device would record a second or two of video for a portion of the screen, which would then loop over the photograph. This unique trick has since seen widespread adoption elsewhere, even as the Cinemagraph was shuttered by Microsoft in the months following their acquisition of Nokia’s Devices and Services division.

Like a digital phoenix however, Living Images have arisen again, this time in the guise of a new app that has now been released by Microsoft for Lumia devices. Called ‘Lumia Moments’, this new app even boasts new functionality, allowing users to create living images from video as well as from stills. Currently the new app is available only for those running devices with Lumia Denim installed, as such currently only owners of the Lumia 830, 930, Icon, and 1520 can take advantage. Amid a number of coming camera apps and features in Lumia Denim, it seems as though the imaging scene is to become rather improved on Windows Phone throughout the coming months.