New imaging enhancements in Lumia Denim update detailed, update due by end of January 2015

Sean Cameron

Lumia Denim

The new and upcoming Lumia Denim update for Lumia devices around the world promises to bring with it a number of features and functionality that have been requested by users for quite some time. The most prominent improvements to be made however concern the imaging prowess of Lumia phones. Though they have long been regarded as near the top of the mobile imaging field, a number of improvements and features added by competitors to their devices have yet to see an answer from Microsoft.

As such, the Lumia Camera app has received a massive overhaul. Along with UI improvements and tweaks for greater usability, the app now boasts a much improved launch time, along with better shot-to-shot performance, allowing for quicker photos and a little more spontaneity when shooting. In addition to this, the new Rich Capture mode is Microsoft’s answer to High Dynamic Range (HDR), allowing users to quickly choose the perfect exposure of their shots with minimal need for bracketing. 4K also makes its debut with the new update, taking in video where each still boasts an impressive 8.3MP, allowing for greater composition of shots after the event. New imaging algorithms also promise to improve low-light performance, as well as performance in bright light.


Pending partner testing and approvals, Redmond aims to have Lumia Denim out to all devices by the end of January, though whether this will prove to be the case in practice is yet to be seen.

What improvement to the Lumia imaging experience are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below.