Netflix to create live action Gears of War movie

David Allen

Dave Bautista In Gears 5 Campaign

Gears of War, one of the most popular video game titles in the last two decades is headed to the big screen.  Netflix is teaming up with The Coalition to develop a Gears of War movie as well as an animated series.  Netflix celebrated the 16-year launch anniversary and made the announcement on Twitter.

It’s not known whether there is any connection between this movie and the one that has been stalled in development for 15 years.  Netflix has seen reasonable success in adopting titles to the big screen over the past few years such as Resident Evil and Castlevania.  We haven’t heard much from the Gears series since the release of Gears Tactics in 2020, but it’s known that a new Gears game is in development.  Neither the Gears movie nor the animated series has a release date.