Halo Infinite’s Winter Update is here

Kip Kniskern

Halo Infinite fans are getting some new toys today, as the Winter Update for Halo Infinite has arrived. Included in the update are a slew of new features:

Starting today, players can jump into hotly anticipated experiences such as the Forge Beta, Campaign Network Co-Op, and Mission Replay, unlock rewards from the free, 30-tier Battle Pass, and more.

Forge Beta

Halo Infinite is finally getting Forge, or at least a beta version of the creation tool allowing players to create their own maps, modes, and prefabs. The beta launches with six canvas maps, file sharing capabilities, and a new visual scripting engine along with “huge” budget increases and lots more.

Match XP and New Battle Pass

The Match XP feature, also coming out in beta, is a first attempt at “evolving Halo Inifinite’s progression experience.” Players will be rewarded for completing matches, and can earn additional eXperience Points for performance metrics like win/loss and end-of-match placement. The folks at 343 Industries will be monitoring XP progress during the beta, and plan to enhance the rates of XP based on how things go. To try out Match XP, the Winter Update also includes a new, never expiring 30 tier Battle Pass.

New Multiplayer Maps and Game Mode

Argyle and Detachment are the two newest multiplayer maps coming to Halo Infinite, both built using the new Forge. There’s also a new mode, Covert One-Flag.

Campaign Network Co-Op and Mission Replay

Campaign Network Co-Op allows up to four players to experience the Halo Infinite campaign together, including crossplay with all Xbox consoles and PC. You can also replay any of the missions to gather remaining collectibles, etc.

New Achievements

The Halo Infinite Winter Update includes 24 new achievements, you can check out the full list at Halo Waypoint.

Is the new Winter Update enough?

Even though Microsoft recently admitted that Halo Infinite has so far fallen short, the Winter Update is at least taking steps in the right direction. Are you happy with where Halo Infinite is headed? Let us know in the comments below.