Need a new emoji? Windows 10 comes with 52,000 new ones!

Kareem Anderson

You get an emoji! You get an emoji, and you get an emoji! Everyone gets an emoji!0

If you wanted to express yourself with colorful caricatures rather than simple words, then Microsoft’s Windows 10 Update has you covered. Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update brings with it not only refinements to the core aspects of the operating system but even some seemingly minute attention to the even its Unicode 9 emoji support.

According to Microsoft, the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update rolling out to devices currently comes with support for 52,000 new emojis that include interracial and single parent families as well as the beloved Insider mascot, the Windows 10 related Ninja Cat. In a rather extensive blog post at Emojipedia, founder and writer Jeremy Burge not only coins the term for Windows 10 Anniversary Update’s avalanche of emoji support as the Emojiversary, but covers at length the various new additions.

The new emojis provide refinements of older emoji schemes that include new bolder outlines, higher clarity. darker colors, and more nuanced differences between how Windows 10 and iOS 9.3 handle interracial families.

Windows 10 vs iOS 9.3 emoji support
Windows 10 vs iOS 9.3 emoji support

Above: Sending a new family emoji to iOS will show the individual emojis instead of a unified character.

Beyond the handling of individual emojis versus a single character, support of Unicode 9 also means that Windows 10 Anniversary Update (for both PC and Mobile) can also take advantage of skin tone support among a myriad of other emoji representations, such as:

Unicode 9 skin tone support
Unicode 9 skin tone support

Burge also covers some of the recent decisions from Microsoft and Apple on how to handle the appearance of gun emojis in the wake of recent tragic events as well as discussing the inevitable compatibility issues that may arise iOS and Android until the two operating systems update their support of Unicode 9.

For now, it seems Microsoft has taken the first step among its competition in supporting Unicode 9 and its advance emoji representation. For those interested in testing out and sending new emojis, head over to the Settings Page to update to the Windows 10 Anniversary version of Windows 10, on either a pre-qualified supported Windows phone or Windows 10 device.