N10 is a third-party Universal Windows 10 app to control your Nest thermostat

Mark Coppock

N10 Windows 10 Nest App Featured

Nest is one of a number of household control solutions offering networked cameras, thermostats, lighting, and other devices that can be centrally controlled and monitored. Turn your lights on and off, watch your dog to make sure he’s not getting in trouble, control your home’s temperature to make sure you’re comfortable when you return home from work–all of these things and more are available at the push of a smartphone button.

Of course, having access to a smartphone app is essential to utilizing all of the features of a solution like Nest, and as far as we can tell, there’s no official first-party app for Windows 10 PCs or smartphones. As is the case with a number of services, however, third-party developers have come to the rescue. One such example is N10, an app that’s just recently been converted to a Universal Windows 10 app.

N10 Windows 10 Nest App Screenshot
N10 Windows 10 Nest app screenshot.

N10 seems to cover a good chunk of the requisite functionality:

– Microsoft Band
– Cortana
– Windows Hello
– Live tiles
– Geofences
– Insteon and Philips Hue
– Smoke/CO alarms
– Nest Camera (in beta)
– Setting temperature and away mode
– Supports multiple places
– Fan timer, HVAC
– Show temperature as lock screen notification

The developers note that current users of the Windows Phone 8.X app should uninstall before reinstalling the newest versions. Otherwise, the wrong settings might carry over.

If you’re a Nest user and want to control things on your Windows 10 PC or smartphone, then you might want to give this app a try. It’s free with in-app purchases, so you can see how things look before putting down any cold hard cash.

Developer: vixezApps
Price: Free