Lumia 650 firmware shows up, but for Europe only

Kareem Anderson


Ironically, an unannounced Lumia 650 firmware release schedule has been spotted giving fans more details on the device than the company developing it has provided. For all intents and purposes, Microsoft’s mid-to-low range Lumia offering, the Lumia 650, should be hitting shelves sometime this year. Based on leaks and renders, the phone appears to be crafted for budget and wholesale business purchases with its 5-inch frame, 720p display and lowly 1GB of RAM.

Lumia 650

While the device has yet to be officially announced, a tipster over at Windows Central pointed out the existence of roughly two dozen ROMs tailored for the Lumia 650. Thanks to a ROM tool developed by an XDA member called ‘Cholens’, we’re given some insight into the pairing of ROMs, firmware, and final destination releases of the devices.


Unfortunately for US fans, based on the leaked information, the Lumia 650 appears destined for the EU primarily. Regions such as Poland, Spain, Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Romania, Portugal and Poland are among the areas to receive the Lumia 650, at least in its initial wave of release.