Music creation tool Figure expands from iOS to Windows 10

If you fancy yourself the next Dr. Dre, Pharrell, JR Rotem or DJ Mustard, then you’ll love this new app available on Windows 10. For users of iOS devices, they have had access to a music/beat creation app called Figure, which allows the creation of beats on the go. For us users of Windows 10, the developers of this app have released it for us to enjoy.
The great thing about this app is its ease of use and great features. Waiting for a bus? Lay down a track. Standing in the DMV line? Create that bass line you’ve been humming. Stuck on the side of the road waiting for AAA? Make some soothing melodies to calm the nerves.
With the use of touch on Windows 10 devices, you are able to manipulate sounds as easy as sliding your finger across the screen. The learning curve for Figure is geared towards those with no prior music experience but has a robust enough platform for experienced beat makers to take it further. The amazing sounds available come from the award-winning Reason sound engine.
After you’ve created your masterpiece, sharing for the world to hear is available through the Propellerhead community. Sharing your music, from Figure, with the community opens up opportunities for collaboration, remixing of original material and getting feedback from other creators. Add in the availability of this app across other Windows 10 devices, like the Lumia 950 and you have a true Universal App.
With a flourishing community like Propellerhead, the sound engine from the creators of the award-winning Reason application and mobile use, you can keep the creative juices flowing wherever you are. To get started on your future Grammy nominated music, head over to the Windows Store to download Figure.

Developer: Allihoopa
Price: Free