The Mall shopping app on Xbox One lets you try on clothes using Kinect

Dave W. Shanahan

The Mall is a new shopping app available for the Xbox One. Unfortunately, Xbox One owners without a Kinect will be out of luck on using The Mall’s coolest feature; trying on clothes. While the feature doesn’t give you the full experience of trying on clothes, it does have the potential for being a great Xbox One app. Add a HoloLens to the app experience and then you’ve got something special; you actually see the clothes on you. The Mall app allows you to purchase items through PowaTag, which allows you scan a QR code on the Xbox One through your Android or iOS device to buy clothes.
It would’ve probably been helpful if you could use a Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile to purchase clothes too, but therein lies the problem with the dreaded Windows app gap dilemma. You would’ve figured if Microsoft partnered with The Mall and PowaTag for a Xbox One app, Microsoft would also push for a Windows 10 Mobile app to buy clothes.
At the moment, The Mall app on Xbox One only features clothes for SoccerPro, Style PB, and Grayers, all retailers based in the UK. The Mall app doesn’t always detect your exact size, so while it is good to see how clothes would look on you, it’s another thing on how well they will fit you. There is also an issue if you turn around; you can’t see the back of the item you are trying on. Basically, you will still have to go physically to the store to make sure you have the right fit, but, at least, you can narrow down what clothes you will want to buy.
The Mall Xbox One app
The Mall app on Xbox One is not a complete app yet, but it is a good start. Check out The Mall app in the Xbox Store and tell us what you think.