Mozo plans to make colored polycarbonate backs for the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL

Laurent Giret

If you’re proudly rocking an old Lumia, there is a pretty good chance that you didn’t choose a bland black/white colour option. As a matter of fact, Lumias have always been known for their bright colorful shapes: between cyan, red, yellow, orange or green, you certainly had enough options to choose the colour that suits best your style and personality.

But for its 5th generation of Lumias, which is currently limited to the premium 950 and 950XL and the cheaper 550, Microsoft oddly chose to sell those models with just black and white polycarbonate shells. Fortunately, you can still replace those with third-party options like the popular ones manufactured by Mozo, which we reviewed for you.

Right now, Mozo is offering premium cases with leather backs for the 950 and 950XL, and also some plastic soft-touch shells for the Lumia 550. But according to an answer on their Facebook page, the manufacturer also plans to introduce a collection of polycarbonate covers for the 950/950XL in the future:

Q: Any plans to make different colored polycarbonate backs for the 950 XL (Cyan, Green, Orange, Red, etc) ?
A: Yes we have plans for that. Unfortunately we haven’t had time to proceed yet, as we are fully booked with these current covers.

While Mozo leather cases are an excellent choice, this is still good news for fans of old-school Lumias, and we sure hope that classic colours options like cyan are coming. Stay tuned while we wait for official marketing photos and availability dates!