Movies and TV app for Windows 10 updated with ability to play video folders

Dennis Bednarz

The Movies & TV app may not have been Microsoft’s primary multimedia app, as Groove Music usually steals the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad, unsupported or by any other means in a worse condition than Groove Music.

The app just scored an update enabling the ability to play videos organised in folders, like a season of a show or anime or maybe multiple parts of a movie. The player now features forward and back buttons so there is no need of exiting and manually opening the videos one after one.

The update also happens to improve the Xbox experience by adding a small, but significant change of opening the search panel by pressing the “Y” button on the game controller.

It’s now easier to re-rent movies too, if ever there’s that one movie or TV show that is just dying to be watched again.

The update, for once, came with a changelog, which you can see below:

  • On desktop and phone, when you start a video in folders view, Previous and Next now skip to other videos in that folder
  • When rentals expire, it’s easier to rent them again
  • Buy while you binge: You can pay for each next TV episode just before it plays
  • On Xbox One, press Y to search
  • Minor fixes and improvements throughout the app

The update can be downloaded from the Store, which we linked to below for convenience:

Movies & TV
Movies & TV
Price: Free

Thanks to Zack for the tip!