More Windows 8 details revealed in new report, RC due in May or June?

Zac Bowden

A new unofficial report released today claims that Microsoft is planning to launch the Windows 8 Release Candidate in May or June this year. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as this isn’t the first time we’ve heard a rumour like this. The report also reveals some other details about Windows 8, such as customizations and features added/tweaks since the Consumer Preview.

A new report coming from has revealed more details about the upcoming Windows 8 Release Candidate. The Release Candidate (RC) is the next step in the development phases of Windows 8, which also marks the ‘feature-complete’ phase of the next generation of Windows.

The report is claiming that Microsoft is planning to release the RC in May or early June, which matches other rumours that have been circling the internet for some time.

The report also says that Microsoft is still in the post-beta phase, and is yet to begin naming the builds RC. New user-interface improvements include “light changement for the Charm bar, Language input menu, Internet Explorer 10 (Desktop version), a bunch of color set, ect…”

Microsoft is hard at work on Windows 8, with the final development phases of the OS coming up soon, Microsoft is trying it’s best to squeeze in everything it can to make Windows 8 the fastest, most enjoyable version of Windows ever.