More news on Xbox One X-enhanced video games coming soon

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft followed up their proper Xbox One X console reveal at this year’s E3 with a splattering of references to a variety of Xbox One games that would gain additional Xbox One X enhancements via free updates later this year. These enhancements include potential upgrades to support 4K resolution and added UHD (ultra-high definition) but not a lot of time was spent explaining this.

The company’s Phil Spencer confirmed today that more information on Xbox One X-enhancements would indeed be announced at Gamescom (as many had expected) in August and that while he personally wouldn’t be able to be there due to a family commitment, Xbox will definitely have a presence. The confirmation came as a response to a Twitter user asking when Halo 5 would be given an Xbox One X update. No details on Halo 5 were given however.

What sort of Xbox One X news do you think we’ll hear in August? Let us know in the comments below.