Microsoft to move 100 staff to Manchester city centre in the UK

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft is moving 100 employees over to the Manchester city centre, a massive hub for business in the UK. The employees will be placed at a new development in the city centre by the name of Neo, an extraordinarily fancy place that’s equipped with an on-site gym, an open-air terrace, screening rooms, and more. While it hasn’t been made clear just what these employees are going to be working on in this building – if it’s anything specific at all – this is definitely a nice place for Microsoft to plant a flag in.

According to Bruntwood, the organization behind the Neo building, the facility “houses a number of bold and innovative features, including Bluetooth-enabled mobile door access, a customer steering group, an on-site community and engagement manager curating a year-round programme of social and business support events and a £250,000 interactive digital art space, launched with an inaugural installation by internationally-renowned artist Brendan Dawes.”

The employees selected to move into the Neo building will be taking residency very soon, with a vague time period of “July 2017” being given out.