More Deathloop likely in the works at Arkane Studios

Robert Collins

It’s only been a few months since Bethesda’s time-bending first-person shooter Deathloop finally came to Xbox and Game Pass after a year of PlayStation exclusivity. Yet already there may be more Deathloop in the works at developer Arkane Studios—the same studio behind Prey and the Dishonored franchise as well as the upcoming Redfall.

To be clear, there has been nothing whatsoever officially acknowledged about a new Deathloop project. However, the voice actors for the game’s two main characters Colt (Jason Kelley) and Julianna (Ozioma Akagha) recently appeared on a livestream in which one of them let slip that Bethesda is still in the process of hiring voice talent for the game.

Yes, I can’t say them because they [Bethesda] are still sometimes hiring us under the codenames. Did I just say something I shouldn’t of said?”

By “them” Kelley was referring to the condenames Bethesda uses when hiring voice actors. The remark comes right at the 11-minute mark.

So there must be something in the works, right? While a full-blown sequel is certainly not out of the question, some kind of DLC expansion seems much more likely when you look at Arkane Studios’ track record in Prey‘s Mooncrash DLC and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider as an expansion of Dishonored 2. Something similar could be in store for Deathloop.

Via Pure Xbox