Mojang becomes Mojang Studios

Jack Wilkinson

Mojang Studios logo

Celebrating Minecraft’s 11th birthday, Microsoft-owned game developer Mojang, renowned for its development of Minecraft has taken to YouTube to announce that it’s officially changing its name, as well as launching a new logo and trailer, among other tidbits of information.

During the short video, Mojang announces a slew of changes and information. Most notably, it’s changing its name from Mojang to Mojang Studios. At the same time, the company is also launching a new logo and trailer.

But more interestingly, the company is working on a feature film, a live show, and the studio is “playing with ideas for brand new games”.

There are currently no further details on Mojang Studios’ plans for this “feature film” or “live show”, but we’ll expect to hear more once the time is right.

You can read Mojang Studios’ official announcement here.