NewsGuard and Microsoft team up to make NewsGuard free for Microsoft Edge users, Bing integration

Jack Wilkinson


NewsGuard, a service that rates journalism to separate reliable journalism from those who publish false or misleading content, has announced that it has reached a new partnership with Microsoft.

As part of the new partnership, Microsoft has agreed to continue to sponsor NewsGuard’s news literacy program, which allows more than 700 libraries to provide NewsGuard to their patrons across multiple countries around the world.

This partnership benefits Microsoft Edge users. The partnership will mean that users of Microsoft’s web browser, Microsoft Edge, will be able to access NewsGuard’s ratings for free from within Microsoft Edge on mobile and desktop, avoiding the normal $2.95 per month fee that applies to other web browsers.

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, will now receive a “real-time feed of NewsGuard data”.

Finally, departments across Microsoft will now be able to make use of and implement NewsGuard in their products and services. Some examples of projects that are underway include Microsoft’s Defending Democracy Program, and those who work in Microsoft Research to fight misinformation.