Mobile operators for Microsoft’s Always On PCs announced

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft, Windows 10 on ARM

Qualcomm and Microsoft announced today which mobile carriers would be supporting the new Windows 10 Always On PCs with their LTE wireless networks.

In China the carrier will be China Telecom, in Italy TIM (Telecom Italia) will be supplying their network, EE will be the company of choice in the U.K., and both Sprint and Verizon will be options available to customers in the United States.

“The collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies has resulted in a new category for the PC – the Always Connected PC,” Microsoft’s corporate vice president, Matt Barlow, said in a statement. “It combines the connectivity and the simplicity of the smartphone with the power and creative capability of the Windows 10 PC, transforming how we work and play. With the support of our mobile operator partners, consumers now have the opportunity to enjoy superfast connectivity over LTE networks at an affordable price, anytime and anywhere.”

Always On PCs are essentially Windows 10 PCs with a significantly longer battery life than most PCs and support for a wireless mobile internet connection. The ‘Always On’ phrasing refers to the fact that these new computers are being built with the intention of always being on, much like a tablet or cellphone.

Are you interested in an Always On Windows 10 device and is the carrier that they use going to affect your shopping decision? Let us know in the comments below.