Dell Mobile Connect will sync text messages and phone calls to the company’s new Windows 10 PCs

Arif Bacchus

Having your messages and phone calls synced to your desktop or laptop can be quite convenient. Though Microsoft already tried to achieve this through both Cortana and the Skype UWP app, the company never got it exactly right. Well, Dell today announced Dell Mobile Connect, a new app which will sync text messages and phone calls (both on iOS and Android) to new Dell Inspiron, XPS, or Vostro that the company announced at CES today (via The Verge).

In addition to messages and phone calls, Dell’s new app will also allow your phone’s notifications (even from third-party apps) to appear on Dell PCs that support Mobile Connect. Consumers will also be able to respond to notifications from their Dell PC and mirror an Android screen to it, allowing for the navigation of apps directly from the computer. The company explained that Mobile Connect uses both Bluetooth and WiFi for its syncing magic.

Interestingly, Dell notes that notifications will even work with iOS devices, which traditionally are locked down into other devices within Apple’s own ecosystem. It’s a pretty impressive feature set overall, and it’s too bad that it will be exclusive to Dell’s new PCs for now. Hopefully, this will push Microsoft to improve its game as many Windows 10 users probably want this type of sync features.