MMORPG ‘The Secret World’ attracting attention, 500K Beta signups so far


The Secret World, an upcoming MMORPG from developer Funcom which are makers of the games Anarchy Online and Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, is attracting a ton of attention from PC gamers across the globe. The developer, Funcom, announced today that over 500,000 beta testers have signed up.

“We are thrilled to see the amount of interest The Secret World is generating among gamers and the press, and exceeding half a million beta registrations six months before release is definitely something we are proud of. The gamer interest in The Secret World and the community size for the game is even greater than we experienced with ‘Age of Conan’ at the same stage of development. We expect the community size to keep on expanding at an ever faster pace in the coming months as we approach Open Beta and launch,” Funcom CEO’s Trond Arne Aas stated.

For those that are wondering what this game is about, The Secret World takes place in the modern day with a dark fantasy twist. The world is controlled by ancient secret societies and mankind is threatened by demons, monsters, and vampires. Players can travel across the world and through time to investigate and destroy evil that’s plaguing the world.

At the moment, The Secret World is in a close beta for the Windows operating system. Funcom will be inviting more beta testers in the near future to further test the game for quality. Head over to the game’s website for a chance to be entered. The Secret World is expected to launch on the Windows operating system in April of 2012.