Windows XP turns 10 today

Zac Bowden

A couple of months ago, we posted about Windows XP having it’s tenth birthday. Today we are doing it again, because today is Windows XP tenth birthday! This time, 10 years ago, Windows XP hit the shelves, for millions to enjoy. The operating system is still widely used across the PC market, the OS usage only dipped below 50% this August.

A couple of months ago, we announced Windows XP’s 10th Anniversary, we are also reporting this today. How so? The anniversary we posted about in August, was the birthday of Windows XP Gold Master release, which means the operating system wasn’t yet ready for sale. It was only on October 25th 2001, that the Operating system became available on the shelves.

When Windows XP launched all those years ago, it was a phenomenon. This new operating system was far superior than Windows 98 and 2000, it had an awesome sleek look, and had no compatibility problems. XP was what everyone wanted on their desktop PC’s and laptops.

Microsoft dramatically improved the Windows Explorer, Driver Compatibility, Networking, Usage and more. Windows XP was a hit with consumers, so much so, it is still being used by almost 50% of the PC market.

Soon after the release, XP became a target. Viruses and Malware targeted XP faster than you could develop a security program to block them. It was too quick.

Now, ten years later, Microsoft wants the operating system to die. XP has become far too old to keep using as a main operating system, Windows 7 is now available for any computer, and with Windows 8 in the works, next year should be big for Microsoft.