Minecraft to hold 4th annual Buildcon beginning this Friday

Kit McDonald

It’s almost time for the annual online virtual convention for Minecraft builders, Buildcon 2017. Run by the Minecraft community, this server event will be running from April 14-18 over this upcoming weekend. This year’s Buildcon event director Jordan Lavialle wants creative Minecraft players to join in, show off their builds, and attend some of the panels that are already lined up.

One such panel will be with Arcaniax this year, a famous modder in the Minecraft community who created GoPaint and GoBrush. Both of these are for terraforming and ‘painting’ the world with thousands of downloads combined, expertise that will assist in his development panel at Buildcon 2017.

There will also be tutorial classes to improve building skill, Minecraft.edu panels, team building competitions sponsored and supported by Builder’s Refuge, a service for professional Minecraft builders. A full list of panels and events is available here.

The convention is actually held online in its own unique space. On the international community server, Buildcon 2017 attendees will fill up panel rooms built with Minecraft, a fitting location for such a convention.

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Unique space

The community server opens at 3p.m. GMT on Friday, April 14 on three different IPs. Just enter mcbuildcon.net, play.mcbuildcon.net, or mc.mcbuildcon.net into your connections to join in. It is important that the server will run Minecraft version 1.11.2, so make sure to load a profile with that build before attempting to connect.

Speeches will be hosted through the designated Minecraft Buildcon Discord chat, a VOIP that is easily joined through your browser. Otherwise, the event will be rather silent.

It’s worth noting that while Minecraft Buildcon isn’t an official event related to Mojang or Microsoft, the community run convention is still largely supported by the developers quoted as “a great event for the Easter weekend” in the recent blog post. If you’re looking for something Minecraft for the weekend, this might be your chance to learn more and have fun.