A number of creativity apps join djay Pro with adding new Surface Dial support

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft Surface Dial

After Microsoft threw its weight behind its new hockey puck like addition to the Surface Studio, the company waited for developers to do the same, fortunately for users, developers seem eager to incorporate features and functionality into what could be the evolution of the PC mouse.

Today, Microsoft showcased Algoriddim’s djay Pro for the Windows 10 platform and part of the developer story for that app included attention to the Surface Dial.

Algoriddim’s award-winning DJ application has been downloaded by over 30 million users. Starting today, djay Pro is available in the Windows Store. Fully leveraging Surface Studio with its beautiful PixelSense display, djay Pro also includes unique location-aware Surface Dial integration. With Surface Dial, users can browse their music library, scratch, scrub, loop, and precisely adjust knobs and filters on screen and for each deck individually, providing a truly innovative interaction paradigm to DJs.

Beyond just Algoriddim’s app, the Surface Dial is now home to app development support for CoralDRAW, Autodesk’s Sketchbook, Silicon Bender;s Sketchable and a few other creative specific cases.

Now Surface Studio, Surface Book or Surface Pro 4 owners can enjoy creative app support for their accessory that includes:

Our new CorelDRAW release takes advantage of Surface Dial together with a powerful new tool called LiveSketch to offer designers a natural and hands-on creative experience. Powered by a neural-network, LiveSketch interprets and understands the artist’s hand-drawn strokes in an entirely new way. It’s designed for Pen-input first and works even better with Surface Dial by enabling you to use your non-dominant hand as you bring your ideas to life on screen. With Surface and CorelDRAW 2017, you get a creative experience as natural as drawing on paper.


AutoDesk Sketchbook and Sketchable can also look forward to timeline views, quick and convenient access to menu items, precision zoom and a few other features that make owning a Surface Dial a no-brainer for artists.

Lastly, Adobe Premier has also decided to partner with Microsoft and is teasing some of its Surface Dial support that includes using the accessory to scrub through clips, enabling the start and stop of playback, as well as managing incremental speed increase or decrease by 32X playback in some instances. However, Adobe Premier fan will have to wait just a bit to get the full run down of supported features until NAB 2017 to showcase its full listing of Surface Dial support.