Microsoft’s wellness tracking goes cross-platform with new HealthVault Insights app for iOS, Windows 10 Mobile and Android

Kareem Anderson

With the news of Microsoft canceling its fitness-focused and sensor packed Band wearable line, it seemed all but a done deal that the company was going to take a back seat in the health monitoring wars.

However, true to its reemerging nature, Microsoft is putting its software at the forefront of its experiences and introducing HealthVault Insights for Windows 10 Mobile, iOS, and Android.

The HealthValut Insights app is pretty self-explanatory, as it leverages Microsoft’s massive investments in AI and cloud technologies to spit back helpful trends and ‘insights’ into users health patterns.

More specifically, the app is intended to help foster long distance two-way relationships between health care providers and patients as it taps into Microsoft’s Healthcare NeXt initiative and delivers custom wellness plans and features in-app communication features.

Among the list of Insight features are:

  • Personal analytics: Applies machine learning on both unique individual trends and across populations, increasing learning for the patient and provider
  • Cross-platform support: Works with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone and connects seamlessly with Apple Health and Google Fit
  • Medical records access: Fingertip access to all of a patient’s health records in HealthVault
  • Engagement platform: Enables personalization and notifications to increase patient engagement with their provider
  • Action plans framework: Providers can leverage the HealthVault Insights action plans framework to quickly customize and distribute care plans to their patients
  • Cortana integration: Connect Cortana to see how patients’ calendar and location may be impacting their health
  • Activity feed: Show summaries of patient activities, including device data and trends, in a single feed, enabling a new level of learning

Microsoft is also playing nice with would be burgeoning health rival platforms that include Apple Health and Google Fit and accesses data gathered by wearables currently on the market.

As with most new Microsoft offerings, the app is currently only available in the US and UK and is currently being rolled out through the Windows Store. Users on Android should also be able to download the app via the Google Play Store soon.

HealthVault Insights
HealthVault Insights

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