Azure Network Watcher helps diagnose network performance issues

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft has announced – and partially released – the new Azure Network Watcher. The service provides a ton of new features that are vital for properly monitoring network health, and the team behind it has put together a blog post to explain just what the service includes.

Here’s the simple list of what you’ll be getting with Azure Network Watcher:

  • Topology
  • IP flow verify
  • Next hop
  • Security Group view
  • Packet capture
  • Network Subscription limits
  • NSG flow logs
  • Diagnostic logs
  • Virtual Network Gateway Connectivity Troubleshooting
  • Integration with Azure Services

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, you may be able to get access to the service right now. Access to the Azure Network Watcher preview is available in the US West Central, US North, and US West regions, with the other Azure-supported regions coming soon. It’s free with your subscription, so you can feel free to poke around all you want without spending another dime.