Microsoft’s SwiftKey Keyboard updates on iOS with new cursor control feature

Brad Stephenson

SwiftKey keyboard on Android

The SwiftKey Keyboard app for Apple’s iOS devices has updated to Version 2.7.3 and added a new feature called cursor control.

Cursor control is essentially added functionality for the space bar on the keyboard which allows users to move the text cursor left or right while typing. This can be particularly useful when needing to correct a spelling mistake without wanting to delete several letters or words in the process.

The official release notes, shown below, say to activate this functionality you need to perform a long press on the space bar. In reality, you need to move your finger above the space bar after the press for it to activate as sliding your finger horizontally on the space bar itself will do nothing.

A bug that was causing the keyboard to shrink on iOS 10 devices was also fixed with this update.

Here’s the notes:

  • We’ve added support for cursor control on iPhone 11 (& above). Try it out by long pressing on the spacebar. Note: it is not possible to trigger cursor control if using more than one layout.
  • We’ve fixed a bug on iOS 10 that caused the keyboard to shrink horizontally.

This is the second update for SwiftKey on iOS this month. Just over a week ago, the keyboard app added a new messaging center. It also got new voice typing and GIF features back in November.

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The app was not found in the store. 🙁