Microsoft’s Project Scorpio price possibly leaked by retailer

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft's Project Scorpio Xbox One

A listing for Microsoft’s Project Scorpio has been spotted on the Spanish online store which lists the launch price of the console as 399.99 Euros (around US$430). The listing has since been taken down but several users managed to take a screencap of it before it disappeared.

For context, this price is approximately double of what a 500GB Xbox One console without Kinect is currently selling for but it’s also cheaper than what many were expecting considering how much powerful Project Scorpio is supposed to be.

There’s no way to tell if this was just a technical error or a legit listing and while many online stores do create product pages for video games and consoles before their release, they usually use a placeholder price which is significantly more expensive (i.e. USA$999) than what is expected to be the final price. This way customers can pre-order a console ASAP and have the price automatically adjusted after the details are announced closer to the release date. If that listing was real, that price could have very well been real too.

Confirmation one way or the other will likely be made during Microsoft’s E3 presentation in June. Do you think this could be the price of Project Scorpio? Let us know in the comments below.