Microsoft’s Clippy comes to Killer Instinct with #ClippyForKI

Brad Stephenson

Clippy in Killer Instinct

The creators behind the Xbox One and Windows 10 fighting game, Killer Instinct, have been having some fun on Twitter today and have begun sharing some concept artwork that feature’s Microsoft’s Clippy within the game.

The artwork reintroduces the annoying/loveable digital assistant to users as a guardian character who assists players in fighting through Killer Instinct’s Shadow Lords story mode. The game’s creative team even decided to create complete dossiers (character profiles) for Clippy.

Unfortunately it seems as if there are no plans to include Clippy in the game for real and that these images were made just for fun. The idea has garnered a bit of interest on Twitter though and the official Killer Instinct Twitter account has encouraged followers to tweet with the hashtag #ClippyForKI.

Unlike other characters on fans’ crossover wish lists, Clippy could actually make an appearance in Killer Instinct as the game is published by Microsoft Studios and it’s likely that Microsoft still has the rights to Clippy (unless they sold the character to a movie studio as part of a multi-picture film deal that is. They probably didn’t though). Clippy could also add some much-needed humor to Killer Instinct which is often criticized as being too dark and serious.

Would you like to see Clippy as a guardian or playable character in a future Killer Instinct update? Let us know in the comments below.