Microsoft’s Panos Panay will keynote Future Decoded in October in London

Arif Bacchus

According to a report from The Verge, the head of Microsoft’s Surface division, Panos Panay will be keynoting at Microsoft’s Future Decoded conference in London at the end of October. Although the report does not go into any official detail at to what can be expected, it is mentioned that Microsoft may be planning to show off “at least one new device” during the keynote.

Since Microsoft has been putting up sales on the Surface Book recently, one might expect for the company to reveal a Surface Book successor at the keynote. And, as the company has said it is still “on track” to release Windows 10 on Snapdragon devices, we also could learn more about future ARM-powered Windows 10 devices, or hear mentions of an ARM-powered Surface device during the Keynote as well.

There also remains the possibility that the company may unveil a LTE model of the Surface Pro, or a new version of the Surface Hub. Again, October has proven to be the prime time for Microsoft’s device unveils, so this is just pure speculation, and it’s best to keep tuned for more information in the coming weeks ahead.

What devices or announcements do you think Microsoft will unveil or talk about at this event? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!