Microsoft’s Outlook Lite Android App has launched

Kevin Okemwa

Earlier last month, we reported that Microsoft was working on an Outlook Lite App for Android with the aim of providing users with low-end Android devices with the best mailing experience.

Microsoft has just launched the Outlook Lite Android App, and has further indicated that “With Outlook Lite, our goal is to make Outlook more accessible to users who are on lightweight mobile devices across the world empowering them to achieve more”.

With this platform, users will have access to emails, calendars, and contacts for, Hotmail, Live, MSN, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Exchange Online accounts. A similar arrangement to the one on the standard Outlook app for Android. The only difference is that it comes in a 5 MB package that is suitable for low-range Android devices running on 1GB of RAM and it works well on 2G and 3G networks.

However, at the moment, it is currently available in select countries, that is, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Mexico, Peru, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Venezuela. Microsoft has further indicated that there is a possibility of expanding to other countries in the future.