Microsoft’s OneDrive gets new Super Zoom feature on Apple’s iOS devices

Brad Stephenson

iPhone with Microsoft apps

Microsoft’s OneDrive app updated to Version 10.29.6 today on Apple’s iOS devices. There wasn’t too much changed with this update however OneDrive did gain one new feature called Super Zoom which allows users to zoom in on their photos when searching for a particular file.

Here’s what the official release notes said of the new feature:

It’s now easier than ever to view and find photos thanks to a cool new feature we’re calling Super Zoom. Use this super feature by pinching in and out to zoom through your photos. It’s now easier than ever to find the memories you’re looking for. Super!

It’s unknown if Super Zoom will come to Android or Windows versions of OneDrive but it does seem like a likely scenario.

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‎Microsoft OneDrive
‎Microsoft OneDrive