Microsoft’s new Face Swap app for Android will search & transport you into fun & inspirational scenes

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Face Swap

There’s no hiding that face swapping is a new fad these days, especially on the popular mobile app, Snapchat. Well, it turns out that Microsoft too is now entering the game, as Microsoft Garage is releasing a new Face Swap app for Android which will search and transport you into fun and inspiration scenes (via

Unlike the face swap feature on Snapchat, Microsoft’s app allows you to swap our your face, and then choose a scene from your camera roll or search for web image (powered by Bing search) to place it in. Categories for face swaps are frequently updated, and it’s all powered by facial recognition software developed by Microsoft Research.  A few of the other app features can be seen below.

  • Take a great selfie with our special face swap camera with real time hints and instructions
  • Pick an image from your camera roll
  • Search for a face on the web Pick an image with faces from your camera roll
  • Search for an image from internet right inside the app
  • Choose a scene from one of our fun categories
  • Match skin tone (or any tone…Try a stone statue!)
  • Automatically find faces in images and place your swap
  • Match lighting conditions
  • Match head turns and tilts
  • Process and place multiple faces in a single scene

The app seems to be a great way to put your face into trending scenes, funny pictures, or try on different fashions. You can find it via the link below. And, as always, once you’ve got the app running on your Android device, please do drop us a comment below to let us know how the app experience is going for you!

The app was not found in the store. 🙁