Microsoft’s design patent for the Windows 8 Start Screen now approved, two years later


Microsoft's design patent for the Windows 8 Start Screen revealed

Microsoft released Windows 8, complete with a new Start Screen interface, back in October of 2012. Hard to believe it has been just over a year since the release of the operating system. As it turns out, Microsoft has just received the patent approval of the company’s Start Screen design in Windows 8.

Microsoft filed the patent back in September of 2011, just over a year before the release of Windows 8. The patent was dated just two days ago – January 28th 2014 – indicating that it was just approved. The Windows 8 Start Screen has since been improved in Windows 8.1, with further improvements set to arrive in a Spring 2014 update.

In the patent, you can see what Microsoft describes a “front view of a display screen with graphical user interface showing the new design” and “showing an alternative embodiment, which is in color.”

While not earth shattering news, it just goes to show how long it can take to get a patent approved. On top of that, Microsoft now owns the rights to the Windows 8 Start Screen. Will this stop imitators? We shall see!

We’re reached out to Microsoft for a comment and will update accordingly.