Microsoft offers $100 in store credit if you trade in your old PS3 or Xbox 360


Microsoft offers 00 in store credit if you trade in your old PS3 or Xbox 360

Looking for a way to raise some cash to upgrade to an Xbox One? If you’ve tried everything you can think of to gather together the necessary funds, the answer could be much simpler than you might think. Just take your old Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 to a Microsoft store and you could walk out $100 better off.

You need to have a console that is still in working condition — this is not a way to make a few bucks out of that brick you have gathering dust in the corner of the room! — but if you drop off a PS3, Xbox 360 S or Xbox 360 E you’ll receive $100 of Microsoft retail store credit.

This is a nice chunk of money to put towards a new Xbox One and the deal runs until March 2nd assuming supplies last, so if you’ve been putting off making the upgrade there’s never been a better time to jump onboard.

Realistically, you’d probably have a hard time finding a better deal — there aren’t many people who are going to be willing to part with $100 to take a PS3 off your hands!

“Customers who bring in an old Playstation 3, Xbox 360 S or Xbox 360 E that still works, can receive a trade-in value worth $100 towards the purchase of a new Xbox One console. Deal is good at brick and mortal Microsoft retail locations only until March 2nd (or until supplies last),” a Microsoft spokesperson told WinBeta.

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