Microsoft’s Cortana for Android app gets a “major” update

Brad Stephenson

Cortana and Volvo

Microsoft’s official Cortana for Android app has updated to Version 2.9.4 which is being literally referred to as a “major evolution” in the release notes. Here are all of the big changes (which are admittedly major) that users of the app can experience after they update:

You can now view top news and to-do in My day view

Smart suggestions to help you do things fast

User can create a new list and edit list items.

Easier to sign in/up – you can quickly sign up with phone number

Personalized help & tips.

Chitchat buttons, so fun with Cortana is just a tap away

The Cortana for Android app brings Microsoft’s digital assistant to Android devices and connects to a user’s Microsoft account for a seamless experience between devices. Do you use Cortana for Android? Share your impressions with the community in the comments below.

Microsoft Cortana – Digital assistant
Microsoft Cortana – Digital assistant