Disney Movies Anywhere no longer connects to Windows Store purchases

Laurent Giret

Disney Movies Anywhere

Disney Movies Anywhere, the company’s digital film locker for fans of Disney, Pixar or Marvel films has cut its ties with the Windows Store and Microsoft’s Movies & TV app. Until now, Disney movies purchased on the Windows Store could be automatically added to your Disney Movies Anywhere collection for free, but that’s no longer the case (via Windows Central).

Disney is currently sending following emails to users today, explaining that “Any future movie purchases rom Microsoft Movies & TV will no longer be shared with Disney Movies Anywhere.” However, nothing changes for previously purchased movies, and the service still connects with other digital providers such as iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play and more.

credit: Windows Central.

Disney Movies Anywhere became integrated with Microsoft’s Movies & TV app two years ago, and this was a great option to let you watch your favorite Disney movies on any devices. It’s not exactly clear why the company is now dumping Microsoft’s digital video service, but you’ll probably have one less reason to buy Disney movies from Microsoft going forward. That, and the fact that the company’s Movies & TV app is still unavailable on many platforms including iOS and Android.

Are you a Disney Movies Anywhere user, and are you disappointed by this news? Sound off in the comments if you will reconsider purchasing movies from the Windows Store in the future.