Microsoft’s ad spending jumps 200% this year, thanks to Windows 8 and Surface


Windows 8

According to a new report, Microsoft’s advertisement spending has gone up 200% this year compared to last year. Why? Microsoft has gone on an aggressive advertising campaign to push its Windows 8 operating system, along with Windows Phone and Surface devices.

According to data from Nielsen, technology advertising in general has jumped 30% compared to last year. Total advertising spending by technology companies was $723 million dollars, which is up 30% compared to last year. Microsoft leads the tech advertising market, thanks to the company’s aggressive push of its Windows 8 operating system.

“Whatever your feelings about Microsoft’s products, its advertising has arguably dramatically improved over the past quarter, with its Surface ads ditching the all-singing, all-dancing, all-clacking “Movement” premiere, replacing it with one that emphasized productivity,” PCWorld states.

We are actually inclined to agree with this statement. Microsoft’s ads have gotten better and edgier. Take for example the Nokia Lumia 920 wedding advertisement (embedded below if you haven’t seen it). The advertisement is pure genius in our opinion and it highlights how Windows Phone is the superior mobile platform. The ads are edgy, catchy, and it’s hard to forget about them.

Regardless, Microsoft continues to dominate in the technology advertising market. Microsoft has a lot on its plate right now, with Windows 8, Surface, and Windows Phone. Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8.1 is set for release in August, so expect more heavy advertising.