Microsoft working with CBI to raid illegal call centers in India

Devesh Beri

Microsoft, Amazon, and India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) have joined forces to combat tech support fraud. On Thursday, October 19, the CBI announced that it had conducted multiple criminal raids in various cities across India, supported by a joint referral made by Microsoft and Amazon.

India has become a major centre for tech support fraud due to several reasons.

  • India’s large English-speaking population makes it a target for scammers targeting English-speaking countries.
  • The low cost of living in India allows scammers to operate on a tight budget.
  • Law enforcement in India is not as strong as it could be, which creates challenges in prosecuting scammers.
  • India’s tech industry and young, tech-savvy population make it easy for scammers to find and hire employees and set up call centers.

The raids targeted illegal call centres that were impersonating Microsoft and Amazon customer support. These call centres had targeted over 2,000 customers across Amazon and Microsoft, primarily based in the US but also in Canada, Germany, Australia, Spain, and the UK.

Microsoft and Amazon worked with the CBI to exchange actionable intelligence and insights that helped the agency take action at scale. Tech support fraud is a costly and industry-wide problem, and this collaboration marks the first time Microsoft and Amazon have joined forces to combat it.

Microsoft and Amazon are committed to working together to go after criminals and create a safer online ecosystem. They are also urging others in the tech industry to join them in this united front against criminal activity.

The collaboration between Microsoft, Amazon, and international law enforcement agencies is a crucial step in the fight against tech support fraud. By disrupting and dismantling these illegal operations, this united front aims to protect consumers, creating a safer digital environment for individuals and organizations worldwide.