Microsoft working on new mobile game store with exclusive titles and better deals; Here’s what to know

Priya Walia

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According to a new report from Windows Central, Microsoft is reportedly working on a mobile game store aimed at competing with Apple’s App Store. Citing unnamed sources, the report suggests that one of the reasons behind this move is the European Union’s Digital Markets Act, which could potentially allow sideloading on iOS devices in the future.

The report claims that Microsoft is building what can be described as the “Steam of mobile,” aiming to offer developers more favorable terms than what Apple currently provides on iOS. Drawing inspiration from Epic Games’ competition against Steam on Windows 11, Microsoft hopes to entice developers with better deals and attract users with high-powered exclusives.

Drawing inspiration from Epic Games’ competition against Steam on the open platform of Windows 11, Microsoft hopes that by offering developers a better deal, coupled with high-powered exclusives like Minecraft, Diablo Immortal, Warcraft Rumble, and Call of Duty Mobile, it can regain mindshare from Apple.

The news of a new mobile game store project has generated a buzz in the gaming industry. Developers and gamers alike are intrigued by the possibility of a new platform that offers a better deal for developers and a wider selection of high-quality games.

While it remains to be seen how the Microsoft mobile game store will be received, the competition between Microsoft and Apple in the mobile gaming space is sure to heat up. As gamers eagerly await further details and announcements, the future of mobile gaming is set to become even more exciting.