Microsoft working on keyboard & mouse support for Xbox Cloud Gaming

Robert Collins

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It appears as though Microsoft will be implementing support for mouse and keyboard with at least some titles on its Xbox Cloud gaming service. This is according to remarks made by the head of the Microsoft Flight Simulator project, Jorg Neumann during a developer Q&A.

While the implementation of touch controls for Xbox Cloud has been widely implemented, with the service being available on mobile platforms like Android and iOS (in some cases gyroscopic motion controls have even been toyed with), desktop users have been somewhat left in the lurch when it comes to support for mouse and keyboard on Xbox Cloud.

But it looks like that is about to change, given Neumanns’ recent comments. Though no timetable has been given for implementation of the feature, it at least has now been unofficially acknowledged. When it comes, mouse and keyboard support will no doubt open up the service to a whole new set of PC gamers.