Samsung’s Galaxy source code stolen by hackers

Kevin Okemwa


On Monday, Samsung confirmed that they had indeed faced an attack from hackers. According to the report on Bloomberg, they were able to access important company records such as the source code responsible for Galaxy Smartphones operation.

Over the weekend, hacker group LAPSUS$ took credit for the attack, although Samsung has not yet confirmed the perpetrators behind the attack. However, there are measures in place to prevent Samsung’s susceptibility to such an attack again. Moreover, the hackers did not manage to gain access to the clients’ personal information as spotted by the folks at Engadget.

The organization shared a 190GB torrent file that reportedly includes bootloader source code for all of Samsung’s recent devices, as well as code related to biometric authentication and on-device encryption for Galaxy phones and tablets. Attackers may have also gained access to confidential data related to Qualcomm.

This attack comes barely a week after LAPSUS$ claimed to be in possession of 1TB of data belonging to NVIDIA, which included schematics and source code. The hackers demanded a ransom which was to be paid in cryptocurrency, in exchange they would not release their data to the public. NVIDIA did not give in to their demands, which then led to the release of the company’s source code together with classified information related to about six unannounced graphic cards.

Samsung reassures its clients that their personal information is safe and that they have measures in place that will shield them from these attacks.