Microsoft: Windows Store team are looking into Snapchat for Windows phones

Jack Wilkinson

Following a response from a Microsoft engineer that they are looking into their options in regards to Pokemon Go for Windows 10 Mobile, it turns out that, once again, Microsoft have confirmed they are working on Snapchat, too. Microsoft engineer Mark S responded to a few Snapchat requests, saying that the Windows Store team is looking into options to bring the app to Windows phones.

Nearly a month ago, a spokesperson for Microsoft told us that they are “working with their industry-leading partners,” it seems that this reigns true, as this is now the second case of a Microsoft engineer informing us that they are working with another big name in the mobile industry, this time around it is Snapchat. Added on to the Snapchat whispers we’ve been hearing, two support representatives also confirmed the company is in talks with Snapchat currently and to expect an app “soon”. A year or so before, a Snapchat support representative said as much, too.

Snapchat for Windows 10 Mobile

Under normal circumstances, we would see Snapchat as a no-go, however, with the unexpected and sudden release of Steam for Windows phones, where people believed that the CEO despises Microsoft and Windows phones, much like they do with Snapchat’s CEO, it appears that feelings don’t necessarily prevent an app arriving on a platform and that there is still a possibility of Snapchat making its way to a Windows phone near you.

Of course, none of this is definite. If we were to take a presumptive guess at any timeframe, it would be after the Anniversary Update on August 2nd. We are likely to see at least some new big-name apps arrive on the platform at that point, such as Starbucks.