Microsoft: we’re looking into getting Pokemon Go on Windows 10 Mobile, exploring different options

Jack Wilkinson

Wondering where Pokemon Go for Windows 10 Mobile is? Well, it’s nowhere, at the moment. But that could be set to change, as Microsoft has confirmed that their Windows Store team is currently looking into various options in order to bring the hit augmented reality game to Windows 10 Mobile.

Pokemon Go on Windows 10 Mobile

A feedback report posted in the Feedback Hub was asking for Microsoft to help bring Pokemon Go to its mobile platform – and let’s be honest, no-one would have expected an official response to such a request. It seems, however, that there is still hope. The response confirms that the Store team are exploring the various options available to them. We don’t currently know what these options are, but we know of at least 2 possibilities:

  • Paying Niantic to bring its game to the Windows platform
  • Consulting with Niantic to provide development support, much like they did with Facebook’s app on Windows phones until Facebook released their own app

No further information has been provided as yet, however, they have promised to keep us updated on any developments for bringing Pokemon Go to Windows 10 Mobile. There’s still hope, especially with high demand, with a petition alone receiving in excess of 50,000 signatures and still growing.

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