Microsoft will issue ISOs for Windows 10 build 9879 “soon”

Zac Bowden

Microsoft will issue ISO's for Windows 10 build 9879 "soon"

Microsoft has today announced that ISOs for the latest Windows Technical Preview build will be available soon. The reason why Microsoft aren’t releasing ISOs right away is because they need Windows Insiders to help them test the automatic upgrade process between builds via PC settings.

Microsoft said on their official blog post:

… we heard from you loud and clear you want ISO images of the new builds we release. We felt it was important to listen to that and give you what you want – but there’s a catch. Getting the update & install data from our Preview Builds mechanism is super important for us. It helps us ensure smooth ESD distribution, download, and upgrade success for this program going forward, and also will help us ensure great upgrades for people once we release Windows 10. So we’re going to release the ISOs at the same time as we publish to the Slow ring.

So, when the build is issued out to those on the slow preview ring, those who wish to install ISOs will also get access to them. Right now, Microsoft is yet to issue an ETA for build 9879 in the slow ring, meaning we’re not sure when the ISOs will be released. One can assume it will be before the months end.

There you have it. Those who wish to gain access to ISOs, your wish is granted. You’ve just got to be somewhat patient for it.

Update: The ISOs are now available!