Microsoft Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams now lets you use Sticky Notes and Text objects

Arif Bacchus


Microsoft today announced that the Whiteboard app in Microsoft Teams has been updated with some new features, including the ability to add Sticky Notes, as well as the ability to add text objects. Thanks to these latest additions, Microsoft Whiteboard in Teams is near complete to the experience on iOS, Android, Windows 10, and the web.

The most interesting novelty is the ability to add Sticky Notes. With this, you’ll be able to quickly add ideas and your thoughts during meetings. It will be available through the toolbar and by right-clicking on the canvas. As for Text objects, Microsoft says you can use these to add structure fo the canvas. They also can be added by right-clicking on the canvas, or through the toolbar.

When it comes to the other updates, Microsoft says you’ll be able to select and move objects in Whiteboard in Teams. This makes it easier to move and re-order objects when organizing ideas, tasks, or other content. Performance updates also cap off the list of features. Though these are only for the web app, Microsoft notes that it has completely rebuilt the experience for Whiteboard on the web. This means that heading into the future, you can see more capabilities for Whiteboard in Teams.