Microsoft wants to be ‘number two provider of tablets’ by June of 2014, big plans for Surface


Surface Pro

Microsoft has big plans for its Surface tablet for the fiscal year ending 2014. According to a new report, Microsoft wants to be the “number two provider of tablets” by June of 2014.

According to the report, Microsoft expects to sell 25 million Surface devices in fiscal year 2014. On top of which, Microsoft expects to become the number one enterprise tablet provider in fiscal year 2014. As for retail sales, Microsoft has projected themselves to be the number two provider of tablets by June of 2014, but it is unknown if Microsoft sees themselves ahead of the Apple iPad or Android-based tablets.

Microsoft is also looking to bit for every available education tablet opportunity during the same time, while also expecting to become the top tablet choice of the software giant’s distribution partners. Microsoft is rumored to reveal the Surface 2.0 soon, which may feature a smaller screen (perhaps an 8-inch screen) to compete against Android-based tablets and the iPad.

Microsoft is looking to increase its advertising for its tablet based devices, with advertisements that focus on “first party hardware to drive demand and highlight the family of devices and services from Microsoft.” In this case, Microsoft is referring to its Surface tablet as the “first party hardware.” Microsoft’s projected budget for this is $4.4 billion.

Microsoft will also expand Surface availability to Columbia, Poland, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, India, and Malaysia by fiscal year 2014.