Microsoft aware of Surface RT audio issue, NVIDIA Tegra Audio Topology Filter to blame


Surface Cebit

Microsoft recently released a UEFI firmware update that enhances the Surface RT speaker volume and improves system stability as part of May 2013 Patch Tuesday. Unfortunately, this update is giving several Surface RT owners a new headache.

It appears that the recent firmware update that was supposed to ‘enhance’ the speaker volume only created an issue with the volume dropping when watching a video or listening to an audio file. This issue exists on any application when you have the volume at a high level, but doesn’t exist when using headphones.

One frustrated Surface RT owner spoke to Microsoft in the United Kingdom and confirmed that Microsoft is aware of the issue. Microsoft has not provided an update or an official statement regarding the audio issue. However, there is a temporary solution that involves removing the NVIDIA Tegra Audio Topology Filter, which appears to be the cause of the audio bug. Here’s the temporary solution until Microsoft issues a new fix:

  1. Hit Ctrl + X, and select Device Manager
  2. Go down to “Sound, Video and game controllers” and open it
  3. Right click (Tap&Hold) on “NVIDIA Tegra Audio Topology Filter”
  4. On the Context menu, tap “Properties”
  5. In the properties dialog box tap on the “Driver” tab at the top
  6. Now click the “Roll Back Driver” button and tap “Restart now” when prompted.

The driver will revert back to version and you will notice the audio problem is no longer existent. However, you wont be able to enjoy the “audio boost” that was offered via the firmware update.